This week’s TOP 5 includes the future deployment of 50,000 Tesla Powerwalls in South Australia, Arenko selecting GE for the construction of a 41 MW battery system in the UK, AEG building a 20 MW hybrid storage system combining batteries and thermal storage in Germany, Stem selected to deploy 7.5 MWh in California and UK-based gravity storage start-up Gravitricity receiving a 650 k£ grant.

  1. Over 50,000 Tesla Powerwalls will be rolled out over the next four years as part of South Australia’s VPP program.
  2. Arenko has selected General Electric to deliver a 41 MW battery storage system in the UK.
  3. AEG announced that it has been contracted by Bremen-based utility SWB Erzeugung to build a hybrid storage system combining batteries and thermal storage. The hybrid system is 20 MW and will deliver 15 MW of frequency regulation.
  4. “Stem was chosen by Kilroy Realty Corporation to deploy over 7.5 MWh of energy storage at eight commercial buildings in KRC’s California portfolio.”
  5. “UK start-up Gravitricity announced it has secured £650,000 of government backing to help rejuvenate old mine shafts to store energy with the help of weights and winches.”