This week’s TOP 5 includes  a 22 MW project by Enel Green Power, Enertrag and Leclanché in Germany, the completion of a 4 MW / 4.8 MWh project by Kiwi Power and Tesla in the UK, the FERC opening the wholesale energy markets to storage in the US, a consortium named Imperium3 New York acquiring Alevo’s US assets and Sonnen planning to open a factory in Australia. 

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  1. Enel Green Power and wind developer ENERTRAG are developing a 22 MW battery project in Germany. The project, which has an estimated cost of 17 M€, will be located in Brandenburg and will provide frequency regulation services. Leclanché has been selected as EPC provider.
  2. “Kiwi Power has unveiled its largest behind the meter battery to date with the completion of the 4MW / 4.8MWh Tesla battery at Cenin Renewables in south Wales.” The battery was awarded a 2 year FFR contract, at a price of 19 £/MW/h.
  3. “The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has passed a rulethat will open U.S. wholesale energy markets to energy storage on an equal footing with generators and other grid resources.”
  4. A battery development consortium called Imperium3 New York (IM3NY) is acquiring Alevo’s US assets to develop a battery gigafactory.
  5. “Sonnen has announced plans to build a battery production plant in Adelaide.”