This week’s TOP 5 includes a 2 GW storage mandate for 2030 approved in New Jersey, a 10 MW / 40 MWh battery storage project in Arizona by Salt River Project and AES,  Siemens investing 10 M€ in Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt, a 25 MW project in Somerset, UK, and a PV diesel microgrid including 30 MWh of battery storage by Sterling and Wilson in Western Africa. 


  1. The New Jersey governor signed the bill creating a 2 GW storage mandate for 2030 (and 600 MW for 2021).
  2. Salt River Project signed a 20-year contract with AES for a 10 MW / 40 MWh “peaker replacement” battery system, which will be provided by Fluence.
  3. Siemens says it will invest 10 M€ in Northvolt to help them build their battery gigafactory. The factory is expected to cost around 4 B€ in total.
  4. The South Somerset Council, in partnership with Opium Power, will build a 25 MW battery system in the UK to provide balancing services to National Grid. The battery system will be provided by BYD.
  5. EPC firm Sterling and Wilson says it has been awarded a contract for the construction of PV and diesel microgrid in Western Africa including a total of 30 MWh of battery storage.