This week’s TOP 5 includes 100 MW of storage by NV Energy in Nevada, the commissioning of a 12.5 MW battery system by Engie in Germany, Enel and Russian Railways planning to install over 10 MWh of storage in Russia, Leclanché securing 76 M$ from its main investor, and Tesla expecting to install 11 000 residential batteries in Porto Rico.

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  1. Nevada-based utility NV Energy “announced it has contracted for more than 1 gigawatt of new solar energy and 100 megawatts of battery energy capacity, in a resource plan that’s still subject to regulatory approval”
  2. Engie commissioned a 12.5 MW battery system collocated with a pumped hydro power plant in Bavaria, Germany.
  3. Enel plans to install at least 10 MWh of Li-ion batteries for Russian Railways, to reduce the peak demand of certain portions of the railway system.
  4. Leclanché has secured 76 M$ from its main investor to develop its activities and pursue acquisitions and joint ventures in the electromobility or stationary storage sectors.
  5. Tesla has installed 662 batteries in Porto Rico and plans to install 11000 systems on the island.