This week’s TOP 5 includes 275 MW of storage coupled with PV at record-low prices in Colorado, UK Power Reserve partnering with Fluence to install 60 MW of storage in the UK, the completion of a 25 MW / 12.5 MWh project by Enel and RES in the UK, the completion of a 10 MW storage project by VBB and RES in Germany, and a plan by Air Products to install energy storage at three of its sites in South Korea. 

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  1. Xcel Energy (Colorado) presented a plan to retire two coal power plants and replace them with wind (1100 MW), solar (700 MW), storage (275 MW), and gas (380 MW). The energy output of the solar plus storage projects is proposed at prices ranging between 30 and 32 $/MWh.
  2. UK Power Reserve has partnered with Fluence to deliver 60 MW of storage in the UK. UK Power Reserve secured contracts for 120 MW of storage in the 2016 UK capacity market.
  3. Enel and RES have completed the 25 MW / 12.5 MWh Tynemouth project in the UK. The project was awarded a 4-year contract to provide Enhanced Frequency Response in 2016.
  4. VBB and RES have commissioned a 10 MW storage system in Northern Germany.
  5. “US-headquartered industrial and process gas firm Air Products is set to install energy storage systems at three of its sites in South Korea.”