This week’s TOP 5 includes a project in Hawaii composed of 19.3 MW of PV and 70 MWh of storage, a partnership between Nippon Koei and Yuso to deploy battery storage in Belgium, a partnership between Hyundai and Greensmith, SUSI Partners’ energy storage fund reaching financial close, and Statera refinancing its 50 MW battery storage project in Pelham, UK. 


  1. Hawaiian utility KIUC has signed a 25-year PPA (at $10.8 cts/kWh) with AES Distributed Energy for a 19.3 MW PV plant coupled to a 70 MWh battery.
  2. Nippon Koei and Yuso join forces on battery energy storage in Europe. The consortium plans to deploy a 25 MW battery storage system at a decommissioned coal power plant in Belgium by 2020.
  3. Hyundai enters the stationary storage market through a partnership with Greensmith. Hyundai aims at offering a second life to its used EV batteries.
  4. “The energy storage infrastructure fund of SUSI Partners AG has reached its final close at €252 million (USD 294m)”
  5. Statera Energy has refinanced its 50 MW Pelham battery project with Natwest. The project had been awarded a 15 year capacity contract and a 2 year FFR contract.