This week’s TOP 5 includes four battery storage projects totaling over 500 MW and 2 GWh of capacity by PG&E in California, a 3 MW storage system composed of EV batteries going live in Amsterdam, a 20 MW battery storage project by Key Capture Energy in New York, Exide and Leclanché creating a joint venture to address the Indian market and Volkswagen investing 100 MUSD in a Californian battery startup. 

  1. Pacific Gas & Electric is seeking approval for four large battery projects totaling 567.5 MW and 2.27 GWh of storage capacity. Two of those projects could measure more than 1 GWh.
  2. A 3 MW storage system composed of both new and second-life EV batteries and installed at the Amsterdam Arena is now operational.
  3. Key Capture Energy LLC will build a 20 MW storage system in the state of New York. Construction is expected to start this Fall.
  4. Exide and Leclanché have created a joint venture to make Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles as well as for stationary applications in India.
  5. Volkswagen has invested USD 100 million in QuantumScape, a Californian startup developing a solid-state lithium battery.