This week’s TOP 5 includes 42 MWh of energy storage to be deployed by NRStor and IHI in Ontario, Aboitz Power planning to install a 48 MW battery system in the Philippines, Eelpower acquiring a 20 MW project in the UK, a 2 MW / 2 MWh energy storage system installed in Belgium, and a novel type of battery flow developed by Stanford researchers. 


  1. NRStor and IHI Energy Storage are working together to deploy eight energy storage projects for C&I customers in Ontario, representing a total storage capacity of 42 MWh.
  2. Aboitz Power plans to install a 48 MW battery storage system at one of its power plants in the Philippines.
  3. UK-based Eelpower has acquired a 20 MW energy storage system commissioned by Anesco last June.
  4. In Belgium, Eneco and Alfen have installed a 2 MW / 2 MWh battery storage system at a printing facility to provide balancing services to the grid.
  5. “Researchers from Stanford University have created a new type of flow battery with a liquid metal that more than doubles the maximum voltage of conventional flow batteries.”