This week’s TOP 5 includes 15 MW and 30 MWh of storage to be deployed in Minnesota by Connexus Energy, a 4 MW/ 4 MWh battery system being developed by Origin Energy in Australia, a PV plus storage system with 3 MW of storage to be built on the island of Moloka’i (Hawaii), Nissan selling its EV battery division to Chinese company Envision, and a battery manufacturing facility dedicated to “thermal batteries” to be built in India. 


  1. Connexus Energy, a Minnesota-based utility, is deploying two solar plus storage projects totalling 10 MW of PV and 15 MW/30 MWh of battery.
  2. Origin Energy announced that it will build a 4 MW / 4 MWh energy storage system at a 414 MW open cycle gas turbine plant in North Queensland, Australia.
  3. The Hawaii PUC has approved a 2.6 MW PV / 3 MW battery project to be built on the Moloka’i island.
  4. “Nissan has agreed to sell its electric vehicle (EV) battery business to Chinese green energy firm Envision.”
  5. Bharat Energy Storage Technology, an Indian company, claimsit has developed a “thermal battery” as dense as Li-ion batteries, and plans to build a manufacturing facility in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.