This week’s TOP 5 includes a 10MW / 10MWh battery storage system being deployed by RES and CPS Energy in Texas, the commissioning of a 10MW / 20MWh battery system at a large consumer in Ontario by Convergent and IHI, the construction of a 4.25MW / 8.5MWh battery system at an army base in Colorado, the commissioning of a 6MW / 4MWh battery system by Wärtsilä in Hungary, and the development of a novel gravitational energy storage technology using cranes and concrete blocks by a Swiss startup.


  1. “RES has been contracted by Texas utility CPS Energy to execute a 5MW(AC) solar project co-located with 10MW / 10MWh of lithium-ion battery energy storage.”
  2. Convergent and IHI commissioned a 10MW / 20MWh storage system behind the meter in Ontario.
  3. Aecom announced it has begun construction of a 4.25MW / 8.5MWh  battery storage system at the Fort Carson army base in Colorado, using Lockheed Martin’s system. The asset will be used to reduce the demand charge of the base.
  4. Wärtsilä has commissioned its first energy storage project in Europe. The 6MW / 4MWh project is located in Budapest, Hungary, at a site already equipped with Wärtsilä engines, and will provide primary and secondary frequency regulation to the grid.
  5. A Swiss startup called EnergyVault is developing a gravitational energy storage system using cranes to stack concrete blocks. It aims at replacing pumped hydro storage in locations with no elevation.