This week’s TOP 5 includes 373 MW of energy storage projects authorized by the Irish Systems Operators, residential storage overtaking front-of-the-meter storage in the USA, a partnership between Swell Energy and Autogrid in California, a 5 MW Virtual Power Plant in Victoria, Australia receiving financing, and a 500 kW energy storage system installed by Stem at a commercial site in California. 


  1. The Irish System Operators have approved the connection of 17 battery projects, representing a capacity of 373 MW.
  2. In Q2 2018, there was more residential energy storage capacity installed than front-of the-meter energy storage in the USA.
  3. California-based Swell Energy has signed a partnership with Autogrid to control the residential systems which will be installed in the Los Angeles area (as part of a contract with SCE).
  4. “Australia’s Origin Energy is set to build its first 5MW virtual power plant (VPP) in Victoria after receiving financial backing from the Victorian Government.”
  5. Stem has installed a 500 kW energy storage system at Pelican’s headquarters in California.