This week’s TOP 5 includes a 1 billion USD program to deploy energy storage in developing countries by the World Bank, a plan by Renault to deploy over 60 MWh of second life batteries in France and Germany, the commissioning of a 3 MW / 6 MWh energy storage system by Engie NA in Massachusetts, a project combining wind, solar and batteries in Mongolia and a 1 MW / 4 MWh vanadium flow battery to be deployed in South Korea by Protean Energy.


  1. “The World Bank Group committed USD 1 billion for a new global program to accelerate investments in battery storage for energy systems in developing and middle-income countries.”
  2. Renault is launching its advanced battery storage program. Under this program, Renault wants to deploy over 60 MWh of storage in France and Germany by 2020 using second-life EV batteries.
  3. Engie North America has commissioned a 3 MW / 6MWh system near Boston, MA.
  4. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a USD 40 million loan to support a 41 MW hybrid distributed renewable energy system combining wind, solar, battery storage and a thermal heat pump in Mongolia.
  5. Australia’s Protean Energy will deploy a 1 MW/ 4 MWh vanadium flow battery in South Korea as part of an R&D project.