This week’s TOP 5 includes the acquisition of ABB’s power grid business by Hitachi, a 12 MW battery storage system installed at a car factory in Mexico, a 20 MW battery storage project at a hydropower plant in the Philippines, a spin-off of Alphabet X raising 26 M$ in funding to develop a novel thermal energy storage solution, and New York raising its energy storage procurement target to 3000 MW by 2030. 


  1. “Power electronics giant Hitachi has acquired ABB’s power grids business in an US$11 billion deal which cements its position in the energy solutions sector.”
  2. A 12-megawatt/12-megawatt-hour battery was installed in Mexico to deliver reliability and power quality at a 130-megawatt microgrid serving an automotive factory campus in Monterrey.
  3. SN AboitizPower (SNAP) is developing a 20 MW battery storage projects at one of its hydro power plants in the Philippines. The system will be used to boost the ancillary services provision capabilities of the hydro facility.
  4. Alphabet X’s division working on thermal storage is now its own company, called Malta, and has raised 26 M$ to build a demonstration project.
  5. The New York Public Service Commission set a goal of 3000 MW of energy storage deployments by 2030 (with an interim goal of 1500 MW by 2025).