This week’s TOP 5 includes  the completion of a 28 MW PV plant with 100 MWh of storage by AES in Hawaii, the creation of Clean Peak Standards in Massachusetts, a 5 MW battery being deployed in the Seychelles, the completion of a 1.1 MW PV plus storage plant, and the installation of a novel kind of thermal energy storage by the university of Newcastle. 


  1. AES has completed the construction of its 28 MW PV plant coupled with 100 MWh of battery storage on the island of Kauai.
  2. Massachusetts has inaugurated Clean Peak Standard, which could become an important driver for battery storage deployment over the next years.
  3. Luminant, A 5 MW / 3.3 MWh battery system is being deployed in the Seychelles, together with a 5 MW PV plant. (in French)
  4. Fairfield, Iowa’s Maharishi University of Management has completed and powered up a new solar power plant composed of a 1.1 MW PV plant and a 1.05 MWh Li-ion battery.
  5. A team from Newcastle university has installed a 100 kW / 600 kWh thermal storage system. They claim they can reach an AC/AC efficiency of 75 – 80%.