This week’s TOP 5 includes a 100 MWh by CATL in China, a 10 MW project by Saft in the Bermudas, two solar plus storage projects in India representing 42 MWh of energy storage capacity being developed, a 8.2 MWh battery storage project to be coupled with a PV system in Massachusetts, and a gold mine in Australia being equipped with a 8 MW PV plant and a 2 MW / 1 MWh battery. 


  1. “A 100 MWh battery energy storage system by CATL has been integrated with 400 MW of wind energy, 200 MW of PV and 50 MW of concentrated PV (CPV) in a huge demonstration project in China.”
  2. Battery manufacturer Saft is deploying a 10 MW / 5 MWh  battery on the Bermudas for frequency regulation.
  3. Two solar plus storage projects of 7 MWp and 21 MWh of battery storage will be installed in the North East of India.
  4. Storage Power Systems (SPS) will install a 3.5 MW / 8.2 MWh battery storage system for Industria Engineering in Grafton, Massachusetts, as part of a solar plus storage project. Commissioning is expected in late Q4 2019.
  5.  A gold mine in Australia will be equipped by a 8 MWp PV plant as well as a 2MW / 1 MWh battery by Aggreko. The PV and battery systems will be integrated to an existing 24 MW gas power plant.