This week’s TOP 5 includes the commissioning of a 10 MW system by AES and Mitsubishi in India, plans by NextEra and Portland General Electric to deploy a large hybrid project combining wind, solar, and energy storage, Hydrostor converting a disused Australian mine into a 5 MW / 10 MWh compressed air energy storage system, Sunrun being awarded a 20 MW capacity contract in New England aggregating residential PV and storage, and Puerto Rico planning to deploy over 1 GW of energy storage over the next years.


  1. AES and Mitsubishi have commissioned a 10 MW system for Tata power in India.
  2. “NextEra Energy Resources will team with Portland General Electric to build a combined wind, solar and energy storage power facility in eastern Oregon.”
  3. Hydrostor will transform a disused Australian Zinc mine into a 5 MW / 10 MWh compressed air energy storage system.
  4. Sunrun won a 20 megawatt bid in the forward capacity auction for ISO New England, using about 5000 solar and storage home installations.
  5. The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority recently released a draft of its integrated resource plan, which includes more than 2220 MW of solar energy and 1080 MW of energy storage.