This week’s TOP 5 includes the commissioning of 12.6 MWh of energy storage in Jordan, the re-opening of RFPs for a micro-grid project with 45 MWh of battery storage in the Republic of Palau, the selection of Enerven to deploy 35 MWh of energy storage across South Australia, the participation of EPEX Spot in the Norwegian intraday market and the introduction of a new solar Bill of Rights benefiting California’s solar-plus-storage projects.


  1. MENA’s largest solar-plus-storage project with a 23MW/12.6 MWh sizing has been commissioned in Jordan.
  2. The Republic of Paulau has re-opened the RFPs for the world’s largest micro-grid fostering 35 MW of solar and 45 MWh of battery storage.
  3. Enerven will be deploying 154 MW of solar PV and 34 MWh of energy storage across 70 sites for SA Water.
  4. EPEX Spot obtained the right to participate in the Norwegian intraday market.
  5. Californian solar-plus-storage projects will be profiting from fairer compensation.