This week’s TOP 5 includes a large tender for 3.6 GWh of energy storage coupled with PV in India, the development of a 30 MWh battery storage system by GridServe in the UK, the deployment of 1.9 MW of ice storage by IceEnergy in California, Statkraft launching a 1 GW Virtual Power Plant combining Gas, renewables and energy storage, and an upcoming auction for up to 100 MW of energy storage in Portugal in 2020.


  1. Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has announced three huge tenders across the country, including one with 1.2 GW of PV and 3.6 GWh of energy storage.
  2. GridServe, a UK-based developer, financier and operator of large-scale solar energy projects, will start construction on a 27 MW / 30 MWh battery storage system co-located with a 34.7 MW PV plant.
  3. Ice Energy has deployed 1.9 MW of ice storage solutions in Southern California, out of the 21.6 MW planned to be installed by 2020 for SCE.
  4. “Statkraft has launched a 1GW renewables, battery storage and flexible gas virtual power plant (VPP) in the UK and aims to double its capacity by the summer.”
  5. Portugal will hold an auction for 50 to 100 MW of “renewable capacity” in 2020. This program could provide a boost for energy storage in the country.