This week’s TOP 5 includes the financial close of Renault’s project to install 45 MW of battery storage in France, a 7 MWh battery system installed in Japan by Tesla, a collaboration between Pivot Power and RedT to hybridize flow and Li-ion batteries in the UK, an initiative in Maryland to oblige investor-owned utilities to deploy energy storage, and 24 MW of battery storage systems being deployed in China by NEC ES. 


  1. Renault’s project to install 45 MW of stationary battery systems in France to provide services to the grid has received financial close.
  2. Tesla has installed a 7 MWh battery system in Osaka, Japan to provide emergency backup power for a train line.
  3. Pivot Power will collaborate with RedT on a hybrid battery energy storage project combining a 48 MW / 50 MWh Li-ion battery with a 5 MWh flow machine.
  4. “Maryland lawmakers passed an energy storage pilot program that requires investor-owned electric utility companies in the state to solicit two energy storage projects.”
  5. NEC Energy Solutions has commissioned two projects of 9 MW each to provide frequency regulation services in China. A third project of 6 MW is currently under construction.