This week’s TOP 5 includes SCE’s plan to replace a 262 MW gas peaker plant project with a 195 MW energy storage roster, Green Mountain Power’s intention to add up to 100 MW of storage to support its renewable energy goals, GE & Helios Energy’s two solar-plus-storage projects in Upstate New York, the unfortunate explosion in APS’s 2MW/2MWh McMicken storage facility and Limejump’s addition of a Scottish 1.2MW hydro plant to its portfolio.
  1. Southern California Edison will be replacing the 262-MW Puente gas peaker plant project with a range of energy storage projects amounting to a 195-MW capacity.
  2. Vermont’s Green Mountain Power intends to add 50 to 100 MW of storage over the next 10 years to support its 100% renewables target by 2030.
  3. GE Renewable Energy and Helios Energy will be DC-coupling two solar arrays with two 4-hour energy storage systems of 3MW and 2MW in Lenox, Upstate New York.
  4. An explosion with an unknown cause is still under investigation at the APS McMicken 2MW/2MWh Energy Storage facility located in Phoenix’s West Valley region.
  5. Limejump will be adding the Scottish 1.2 MW Langwell hydro plant to its Virtual Power Plant platform to trade its power into the wholesale and balancing markets.