This week’s TOP 5 includes the construction of a battery factory in Europe by Tesvolt, Convergent partnering with Shell in Canada, energy storage now being allowed to take part in rea time market in NYISO territory, the UK government proposing to raise the VAT on residential energy storage systems, and 1.6 MWh of storage being deployed at a refugee camp in South Sudan. 


  1. “Tesvolt GmbH is building a battery storage factory that it claims will be the first one in Europe capable of producing over 1 GWh annually.”
  2. Convergent Energy + Power and Shell, announced a joint venture which will first deploy 21 MWh of industrial battery storage systems at two Shell facilities in Ontario.
  3. “NYISO gets FERC approval to add energy storage to real-time market settlement rules.”
  4. A consultation launched by the UK government proposed an increase in the VAT from 5% to 20% for energy storage systems.
  5. “Norwegian firm Scatec Solar has linked up with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to provide a 700kW PV system coupled with 1.6MWh of lithium-ion battery storage to one of its humanitarian operations in South Sudan.”