This week’s TOP 5 includes a 50 MW/ 200 MWh flow battery project in South Australia by Cellcube, the start of operation of a 16 MW frequency regulation project in Germany, Voltalia deploying 10 MW and 11.3 MWh of battery storage in French Guyana, a 8.9 MW/18 MWh project by Honeywell in Ontario, and the completion of a 500 kW / 1000 kWh system by NEC ES in Oregon. 


  1. South-east Asian developer Pangea has signed a letter of intent with Cellcube to procure a 50MW / 200MWh vanadium flow battery to be coupled with a 50MW solar PV project in Port Augusta, South Australia.
  2. Upside group and SMA have started operation on a 16 MW / 25 MWh lead-carbon battery storage project providing frequency regulation services in Germany. The batteries were provided by Narada.
  3. French developer Voltalia has launched the construction of two storage units using batteries in French Guyana, for a total installed capacity of 10 MW and a usable capacity of 11.3 MWh.
  4. Honeywell will deliver a 8.9 MW / 18 MWh system in Ontario to Saturn Power, a developer and EPC.
  5. NEC Energy Solutions announced the completion of a 500 kW/1000 kWh battery storage system at Howard Elementary School in Eugene, Oregon.