This week’s TOP 5 includes the commissioning of a 22 MW system in Germany by Enel Green Power, the completion of a 10 MW system in the Bermudas by Saft, Duke Energy deploying a 4 MWh battery system as part of a microgrid in North Carolina, plans by Scottish Power to deploy a 50 MW battery system in Glasgow, and a successful round of investment for Moixa.


  1. Enel Green Power, Enertrag, and Leclanché have inaugurated the 22 MW Cremzow battery energy storage system in Germany. The system provides frequency regulation services.
  2. The Bermudas utility has inaugurated its 10 MW Saft battery.
  3. Duke Energy is deploying a microgrid which will consist of a 2-megawatt (AC) solar facility and a 4-megawatt lithium-based battery storage facility.
  4. Scottish Power is planning on installing batteries to make Glasgow “net zero” by 2040. A first project has already been initiated and consists of a 50 MW battery system.
  5. “U.K. startup Moixa has landed an £8.6 million ($11.1 million) venture capital round led by EV-as-grid-asset partner, Honda”