This week’s TOP 5 includes the filing of the Tennessee Valley Authority Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) that seeks 5.3 GW of storage by 2038, the development approval of the massive Robertstown solar-plus-storage project in South Australia, the setting of a new and formal definition of energy storage that will alleviate the current hurdles that it’s currently facing, Los Angeles’s quest for a record-low solar-plus-storage PPA price and the swap of an old gas peaker for a 20MW/80MWh battery in Oakland, California.
  1. The Tennessee Valley Authority showcased its plan to add up to 2.4 GW of storage by 2028 and 5.3 GW by 2038 in its latest 20-year IRP.
  2. South Australia’s government gave its green light for the development of the massive Robertstown project amassing 500 MW of solar PV plus 250MW/1000MWh of battery storage.
  3. UK’s energy market regulator, Ofgem, is set to end double charging of energy storage systems thanks to a new formal definition of energy storage.
  4. LA’s municipal utility is preparing a 25-year power purchase agreement for 400 MWac of solar PV (0.01997$/kWh) plus 200MW/800MWh of storage (0.013$/kWh), dubbed “Eland Solar & Storage Center”.
  5. Oakland set to put an end to a long suffering with pollution caused by the Oakland Power Plant by replacing it with a 20MW/80MWh battery energy storage system.