This week’s TOP 5 includes Southern Power’s partnership with esVolta for the development of 345 MWh of storage in California, the approval of a second peaker replacement project in the Golden State,  the validation of a $200 million solar-plus-storage project in South Australia, the pre-qualification of a redox flow battery for the delivery of frequency response services to the UK grid and NY-BEST’s comments regarding the latest peaker study by the NY state regulator.
  1. Southern Power and esVolta will be developing four Californian utility-scale storage projects totalling 86MW/345MWh.
  2. Glendale’s Grayson Power Plant will be replaced by a combination of 50MW of renewables, 75MW/300MWh of storage and 93 MW of thermal generation.
  3. The Pallamana Solar Farm project has received governmental approval. It will be combining 176 MW of solar PV with a 66MW/140MWh Li-ion battery.
  4. In a first, a vanadium redox flow battery reached pre-qualification status for the delivery of Dynamic Firm Frequency Response (dFFR) services to the UK grid.
  5. The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST) expressed its discontent with a Department of Public Services study deemed unfair to energy storage’s ability to replace peaking units.