Business development

At Clean Horizon, we help our clients monetize energy storage by developing their strategy, supporting their sales process and finding the right partners for them.

Business development.

Thanks to our accurate understanding of energy storage as well as hydrogen markets, we provide our clients with strategic positioning studies. Our deep and broad industry network makes us a unique resource to develop go-to-market strategies for energy storage, all the way to lead generation, and to recruit key individuals.

Business models for energy storage and hydrogen applications

Clean Horizon’s experts have a very deep knowledge of the costs and revenues associated with energy storage systems worldwide. In every geography that our clients investigate, we are thus able to analyze the most lucrative applications for energy storage or power to gas applications and to guide on the best ways to monetize these business cases.

Strategic positioning studies

Clean Horizon supports newcomers in the energy storage industry as well as companies looking to change their scope of action establish their strategic positioning.

Go to market strategy

Relying on our sharp understanding of storage markets, value chain movements and key individuals shaping the industry, we assist our clients in materializing their strategy by bringing them to market. We support success by connecting our clients with local and global partners, engaging in lead generation or identifying an optimal M&A strategy.

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