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Energy storage trends ... towards even more diversified applications
13 Mar 2019 | Conference Briefs

Discover the article by Dr. Michaël Salomon and M. Corentin Baschet  - released on REE ("Revue de l'Electricité et de l'Electronique") N°5/2018 - on global Energy Storage Market conditions.

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BePositive RoundTable “Stockage, Autoconsommation, e-mobilité " - February 15th, 2019
25 Feb 2019 | Conference Briefs

BePositive is one of the largest renewable energy exhibitions in France and takes place every year in Lyon. This year, INES, one of the main labs focusing on energy storage in France, organized a side conference dedicated to return on experience of self-consumption projects. Michael Salomon, Clean Horizon’s CEO, was the moderator for this session.

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IESA 6th international conference and exhibition on energy storage EV and microgrids in India
29 Jan 2019 | Conference Briefs

IESA’s 6th international conference and exhibition on energy storage, EV, and microgrids in New Dehli, India in January 2019 displayed the determination and motivation of Indian actors to participate in transforming their transportation and electric power network by adopting and implementing energy storage.

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