Energy Storage & Hydrogen News - April 14th, 2023

This week's TOP 5+1 features news about the construction of storage projects in Ireland and the US, plans for storage projects in Sweden and Australia, a PPA contract for a storage project in the US and a state aid for a green hydrogen project in Poland.

Energy Storage News

  1. NTR has commissioned two storage projects totalling 25MW in Ireland.
  2. Utility SRP and developer Plus Power will start the construction of a 250MW/1000MWh storage project to be commissioned by summer 2024 in Arizona, US.
  3. Soltech is planning to install a 12MW storage project in Sweden.
  4. GMR Energy is planning to install a 240MW/480MWh storage project in Victoria, Australia.
  5. Clean Power Alliance has signed a PPA with NextEra Energy Resources for a 75MW/600MWh storage project in California, US.

Hydrogen news

  1. The European Commission approved a state aid for a 100MW green hydrogen project in Poland.