Energy Storage & Hydrogen News - April 21st, 2023

This week's TOP 5+1 features news about a new storage target for the state of Maryland, a state financing for storage projects in Croatia, the commissioning of a solar plus storage project in Germany, plans for storage projects in Malawi, Eriteria and the UK, and plans for a green hydrogen project in the Netherlands.

Energy Storage News 

  1. The state of Maryland has approved a bill to set an energy storage target of 3GW by 2033.
  2. The government of Croatia will provide a state aid for 20MWh of storage projects.
  3. Enerpac has commissioned a 35MW solar and 8MWh storage project in Germany.
  4. IFC and AfDB banks have financed storage projects in Malawi and Eriteria totalling 25MW.
  5. Invinity Energy Systems is planning to install a 7MW/30MWh storage project in the UK.


Hydrogen news

  1. The port of Rotterdam Authority is planning to install a 1GW green hydrogen project in the port of Rotterdam.