Energy Storage & Hydrogen News - April 7th, 2023

This week's TOP 5+1 features news about a financial incentive for storage projects in Canada, the commissioning of 570MW of storage projects in the Philippines, plans for storage projects in Australia and England, the start of construction of a storage project in Italy and government grants for hydrogen projects.

Energy Storage News 

  1. Canada is planning to introduce a 30% refundable tax credit on investments in storage projects.
  2. Fluence has completed an energy storage portfolio totalling 570MW in the Philippines.
  3. Green Investment Group and Shell Energy are planning to install a 200MW/400MWh storage project in Victoria, Australia.
  4. Penso Power is planning to develop a 100MW/250MWh storage project in England.
  5. Enel X and Magaldi Group have started the construction of a 13 MWh thermal storage project in Italy.


Hydrogen news

  1. The Spanish government has awarded 200M Euros in grants for green hydrogen projects.