Energy storage and hydrogen news - December 3rd, 2021

This week’s TOP 5+1 features news about plans for a 200MW/800MWh storage project in Australia, the construction of a 150MW battery system in Australia, the expansion of a battery system in Ireland, plans for an 8MW/32MWh energy storage system in Chile, the building of a solar-plus-storge project in India, and plans for a 500MW green hydrogen plant in England.

1. AGL Australia is planning to build a 200MW/800MWh storage project at a coal power plant site in Victoria, Australia.

2. Fluence has started the construction of a 150MW/150MWh battery system in Australia.

3. Gore Street Energy Storage Fund's Kilmannock battery system in Ireland will be expanded by 90MW to reach a total capacity of 120MW.

4. Wärtsilä will supply 8MW/32MWh energy storage system to a solar farm in Chile.

5. Tata Power Solar is building a 100MW solar plus 120MWh battery project in India.


Hydrogen news: BP plc has plans to build a 500MW green hydrogen production plant in England by 2030.