Energy storage & Hydrogen news - March 17th, 2023

This week's TOP 5+1 features news about a partnership about several storage projects in the UK, plans for storage projects in Australia and Greece, the start of construction of two energy storage projects in the US, the commissioning of a solar plus storage project in Tonga and plans for a green hydrogen project Egypt.

Energy Storage News 

  1. Sungrow and Constantine have signed a partnership to develop 825MWh of storage projects in the UK.
  2. CleanCo Queensland is planning to install a 250MW battery in an energy hub in Queensland, Australia.
  3. Terna Energy has received regulatory approval to install a 54MWh battery at a 22MW solar plant in Greece.
  4. Construction has started on two storage projects totalling 120MW in Idaho, US.
  5. A 1MW/1.8MWh battery was commissioned in a solar plant in Tonga by Tonga Power Limited.

Hydrogen news

  1. China Energy will start the construction of around 1GW green hydrogen project in Egypt.