Energy storage & Hydrogen news - November 4th, 2022

This week’s TOP 5+1 features news about the commissioning of a wind plus storage project in Mexico, the approval for a standalone storage project in the US, plans for standalone storage and solar plus storage projects in Spain and Canada, the acquisition of a portfolio of storage projects in the US, and plans for the development of a green hydrogen project in Kazakhstan.

Energy Storage News 

  1. Eurus Energy has commissioned a 50MW wind plus 10MW storage project in Mexico.
  2. The Ohio Power Siting Board has given approval to a 200MW/800MWh storage project in Ohio, US.
  3. Red Electrica de Espana is planning to build a 50MW/37.5MWh storage project in the Menorca Island, Spain. 
  4. Westbridge Renewable Energy is developing a 300MWp solar plus 200MW/400MWh storage project in Canada.
  5. GridStor has acquired a portfolio of 500MW/2GWh storage projects in California, US.

Hydrogen news

  1. Hyrasia One has signed an investment agreement with the Kazakh government to develop a 20GW green hydrogen project.