Energy Storage & Hydrogen News - October 20th, 2023

This week's TOP 5+1 features news about a new funding program to enhance grid resilience, the inauguration of a PV plus storage plant in Chile, the securing of financing for a storage project in the UK, a new consultation for a renewable plus storage grant scheme in Bulgaria, the start of construction of three projects in the US, and a new ammonia production facility in Brazil.

Energy Storage news

  1. The US Energy Secretary has announced a $10.5 billion program to enhance grid resilience including battery storage technologies.
  2. Innergex has inaugurated a 50MW/250MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) at a solar PV plant in Chile.
  3. TagEnergy has secured a landmark debt package to finance its next UK-based battery energy storage system.
  4. Bulgaria is launching a public consultation into a grant auction scheme for renewable and energy storage projects.
  5. Developer Origis Energy has started building three solar-plus-storage projects in Mississippi, US totalling 150 MW.


Hydrogen news

  1. Green Energy Park has announced the location of its first ammonia production & export facility in the State of Piauí, Brazil