Energy storage news - August 20th, 2021

This week’s TOP 5 features news about the end of expansion works at Vistras's iconic 400MW/1,600MWh Moss Landing project in California, KCE's plans to use a 150MW/600MWh battery as a non-wires alternative in New York, the UK's £4-billion hydrogen strategy, Puerto Rico's potential tender for 800MW of renewables plus 300MW of storage by next December and the selection of 155.6MW of solar-plus-storage projects in Germany's Innovation Tender.

  1. Vistra completed a 100MW/400MWh expansion at the Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility, reaching a total of 400MW/1,600MWh.
  2. Key Capture Energy proposes a 150MW/600MWh battery as a non-wires alternative for a renewable energy project in Upstate New York.
  3. The UK eyes 5GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030.
  4. Puerto Rico is preparing the second round of its renewable and storage tender. 800MW of renewables and 300MW of batteries are expected.
  5. Germany's Federal Network Agency awarded 155.6MW of solar-plus-storage projects under its Innovation Tender.