Energy Storage News - January 12th, 2018

This week's TOP 5 includes the utility of Nevada including storage in its renewable RFP, two EFR projects commissioned by VLC Energy, Mauritius utility buying 4MW of storage, German utility VBB buying 15MWh to RES and Wartsila obtaining a contract for its energy management system in the Azores.


  1. NV Energy, the public utility of Nevada, considers supplemental battery storage in a tender for 330MW of renewables.
  2. In Great Britain, VLC Energy (joint venture between Vitol Group and Low Carbon) has commissioned 50 MW of energy storage (representing two EFR contracts) with NEC energy management system and LG Chem batteries.
  3. Mauritius Central Electricity Board (CEB) has awarded a contract to Akuo for 4MW of battery storage system to stabilize the grid.
  4. German utility VBB has awarded a contract to RES for a 10 MW/ 15 MWh storage system in Bordesholm, Germany (battery subsidized by Land Schleswig Holstein).
  5. Greensmith Energy will deliver its energy management system to Graciosa microgrid combining solar, wind and storage in the Azores.