Energy storage news - January 26th, 2018

This week’s TOP 5 includes the acquisition of EPS by Engie, a successful round of investment by Stem, a multi-MW demonstration project in the UK, the completion of a 2.5 MW / 2.5 MWh project in Germany by Ads-Tec and the Carlyle group investing 500 M$ to develop microgrids.


  1. Engie has signed a share purchase agreement with EPS' main shareholders, to acquire a majority stake of EPS, slightly above 50% of the share capital and voting rights.
  2. “Behind-the-meter battery startup Stem has raised $80 million in a Series D round, with three new investors”
  3. The Keele University, located near the border between Wales and England, is developing a large scale demonstration project, with 5 to 10 MW of energy storage.
  4. Ads-Tec has completed the construction of a 2.5 MW / 2.5 MWh project in Germany.
  5. The Carlyle group is planning to invest 500 M$ to develop microgrids in an “energy as a service” model.