Energy storage news - March 16th, 2018

This week’s TOP 5 includes a 10 MW / 40 MWh project by Florida Power and Light, Samsung SDI and Sungrow supplying both inverters and batteries to a 30 MWh project in Hokkaido, Neoen receiving a grant for the development of a large project in Australia combining electrolyze, battery storage, PV, and wind, Gore Street Capital starting a fund dedicated to large-scale battery storage, and ESS delivering two 400 kWh flow batteries to BASF in Germany. 


  1. “Florida Light & Power (FPL) has announced a solar-plus-storage project pairing 10MW / 40MWh of energy storage with an existing 74.5MW PV plant”
  2. Sungrow and Samsung SDI will supply both inverters and batteries to a 30 MWh project in Hokkaido.
  3. French developer Neoen obtained a AUD 1 million grant for a project in Adelaide, Australia combining a 50 MW electrolyzer producing 20t of H2 per year, a 400 MWh battery, a 150 MW solar farm, and a 150 MW wind farm.
  4. Gore Street Capital said it plans to raise £ 100M  from the initial public offering of its Gore Street Energy Storage Fund later this month. The fund will invest in large-scale batteries. £ 14 M have already been committed by NEC and Nippon Koei.
  5. Oregon-based flow battery manufacturer ESS, inc announcedthat it will deliver two 50 kW / 400 kWh flow battery systems to BASF in Germany.