Energy storage news - March 23rd, 2018

This week’s TOP 5 includes a 120 MW / 140 MWh project to be built by ZEN Energy in South Australia, NEC ES selected to build a 55 MW / 110 MWh system for a 800 MW offshore wind farm in Massachusetts, Johnson Controls to install 10.5 MW of PV and 42 MWh of storage at the Maui college in Hawaii, a PV-diesel-storage microgrid including a 2 MWh Tesla battery in the Philippines and a tidal energy demonstration project including a 0.6 MW / 3 MWh vanadium-flow battery from RedT in the UK.


  1. ZEN Energy has received a AUD 10 million loan from the South Australian government to build a 120 MW / 140 MWh battery.
  2. Bay State Wind (a joint venture by Ørsted and Eversource) announced that it has entered into a Letter of Intent to work collaboratively with NEC Energy Solutions to develop a 55 MW / 110 MWh energy storage solution for its 800 MW offshore wind project in Massachusetts.
  3. Johnson Controls will install 10.5 MW of PV and 41.8 MWh of storage at the Maui College in Hawaii.
  4. Solar Philippines inaugurated a 2 MW PV, 2 MWh Tesla battery , 2 MW diesel microgrid in the Philippines. The community were the microgrid is installed used to receive power only 16 hours per day.
  5. A European consortium will install a 0.6 MW / 3 MWh RedT battery together with a large scale tidal energy project planned for the UK later this year.