Energy storage news - March 30th, 2018

This week’s Top 5 features EDF announcing 10 GW of energy storage by 2035, Cypress Creek Renewables commissioning 12 MWh of storage in North Carolina, Barn Energy installing two storage systems in the UK, Tesla being selected for a large domestic scheme in South Australia and ViZn announcing cashflow difficulties.


  1. EDF will invest 8 billion euros in energy storage by 2035, corresponding to 10 GW of storage.
  2. Cypress creek Renewables completed twelve solar projects each coupled to 1 MWh storage systems in North Carolina with Lockheed Martin’s solution.
  3. Barn Energy installed two 1.2 MWh storage systems co-located with hydro facilities in the UK.
  4. Simply Energy will aggregate 6 MW of Tesla household batteries in South Australia.
  5. Flow battery manufacturer ViZn faces cashflow difficulties.