Energy storage news - May 11th, 2018

This week’s TOP 5 includes two projects representing 120 MW and 120 MWh in Hawaii, an upcoming 2 MW project by Ecoult, JLM Energy signing agreement for three behind the meter storage installations in California, Lightsource now only considering PV plus storage on the west coast of the USA, and new guidelines aiming at facilitating the permitting process for Li-ion batteries in New York.


  1. Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO) announced two large scale energy storage projects: a 20 MW / 100 MWh system to be coupled with PV and installed at a US army base, and a 100 MW / 100 MWh project to provide ancillary services.
  1. Ecoult unveiled that it has a 2 MW project in the pipeline. The system is expected to provide ancillary services.
  1. JLM energy signed agreements to install three storage systems at small industries in California, representing a total of 1.25 MW and 2.7 MWh.
  1. Lightsource now only considers solar plus storage projects on the west coast of the USA.New York issued comprehensive guidelines for installing lithium-ion batteries in the City, as to facilitate the permitting process.