Energy storage news - May 4th, 2018

This week’s TOP 5 includes a 2 MW project in Scotland by Tesla and ESB, the acquisition of 2 flywheel projects of 20 MW each by Convergent, $30 million in funding made available by the US DOE for R&D focused on long duration storage, a 1.1 MW/ 1 MWh lead-acid battery installed in Missouri, and NextTracker selected to supply a PV and flow battery solution to a university in Iowa. 


  1. A 2 MW Tesla battery was installed a couple of weeks ago at a glass packaging facility in Scotland. The battery is owned by ESB and will provide backup to the industrial facility, peaking capabilities, and frequency regulation services.
  2. Convergent announced the acquisition of 40 MW of flywheel projects in Stephentown, NY and Hazle Township, PA from Rockland Capital.
  3. The U.S. DOE announced up to $30 million in funding for projects as part of a new ARPA-E program focusing on long duration storage (10 to 100 hours).
  4. City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri has installed a 1.1 MW / 1 MWh lead acid battery (provided by NorthStar) at one of its substation to smooth the load curve and avoid upgrading the substation.
  5. Ideal Energy selected NextTracker to install a 1.1 MW PV power plant coupled with flow batteries at a university in Iowa. The system will help reduce the demand charge of the facility.