Energy storage news - Otober 1st, 2021

This week’s TOP 5 features news about a solar-plus-storage project in Spain, a pilot energy storage system in UAE, plans for a large renewables-plus-storage project in Morocco, new battery storage systems in Ireland, and Fluence’s initial public offering.

  1. Enel Green Power Espana solar farm will be paired with 8.5MWh battery system.
  2. A pilot project for energy storage (1.2MW/8.6MWh) was inaugurated at a 1GW solar farm in UAE.
  3. Xlinks is planning to build a 10.5GW solar-plus-wind farm and a 5GW/20GWh storage system in Morocco in order to export electricity to the UK.
  4. ESB is adding 75MW/150MWh and 30MW/60MWh of battery storage to its existing plants in Poolbeg and South Wall, Ireland respectively.
  5. Energy storage technology provider Fluence has filed for an Initial Public Offering.