Stationary energy storage: European markets and focus on the French framework

Over the past decade, around 4.4 GW of energy storage projects have been announced for Europe, with approximately 1.2GW capacity reached operational stage. In France, over 85 MW of storage and more than 265MWh have been announced. 


Corentin Baschet, Head of Market Analysis at Clean Horizon Consulting, will be joined Molly Huang, Conference Producer of the 2nd ESES 2020, to introduce the European market for stationary storage, with respect to regulatory framework, revenue streams, and business cases in both mainlands and islands.


Topics address including:

1. Overview of European Energy Storage Landscape

2. Accessible revenue streams: From the Capacity Markets to Frequency Regulation

3. Deep Dive into the French Framework

4. Business Models in the Mainland and in the Islands