3-in-1 Training Webinar Sessions - Energy Storage

1080 €

Clean Horizon Consulting will host 3 webinar training sessions on Energy storage in May 2020.

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Three online sessions:

May 26th 2020 - 3pm/6pm CET: Introduction to markets, technologies, costs and risks, by M. Michael Salomon, CEO of Clean Horizon Consulting.

This introductory session to energy storage is a great introduction the energy storage markets worldwide, taking a look at the broader picture from an international perspective.


May 28th 2020 - 3pm/6pm CET: Markets and regulations for storage in Europe, by M. Corentin Baschet, Head of Market Analysis.

This second session covers the market structure in Europe and its benefits for energy storage, as well as the market developments for storage to provide a variety of services across the electricity supply chain (generation, transmission, distribution).


June 2nd 2020 - 3pm/6pm CET: Hands-on session: Energy storage business cases in France and Great Britain, by M. Samuel Portebos, Head of Engineering

This third session allows to refine the understanding of the different revenues accessible and optimization of the gains and to grasp the revenue stacking strategies in France & GB.


What’s included?

  • Three 3-hour live webinar
  • Q&A
  • Training slides
  • 2 Excel business cases

Who should attend?

--> Any stakeholder interested in understanding the markets for storage and the different technologies available

--> Investors, developers, independent power producers willing to have a good level of understanding of the different revenue streams available for storage system in Europe.

--> Investors, developers, independent power producers willing to have a deep understanding of the revenue stacking in France and GB as well as the risks associated with the projects.






Session 1 - introduction to markets, technologies, costs and risks

Introduction to the storage markets worldwide
  • Storage technologies
  • Applications
  • Trends in the market
Lithium-ion: the benchmark for the next 10 years?
  • CAPEX, Li-ion future prices at the cell and container level
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Fire safety: best industry practices
Beyond lithium–ion:
  • Other existing technologies: flow batteries, gravitational storage
  • Hydrogen case studies: industry, mobility, electricity
  • 2nd life batteries potential: projects, reuse VS repurpose

Session 2 - Markets and regulations for storage in Europe

Overview of the European markets

  • The capacity markets in Europe
  • Strike price mechanisms in Italy & Ireland
  • Peak activation in France & GB

Frequency regulation markets

  • Continental Europe & FCR
  • Italy and fast reserves
  • GB: FFR, EFR and DC

Arbitrage on the balancing mechanism and wholesale markets

T&D investment deferral

  • GB: DSO local flexibility
  • German Netzbooster
  • France and RINGO 

Session 3 - Hands on session: Energy storage business cases in France and Great Britain

Financing energy storage projects

  • Commodity risks
  • Merchant risks
  • Revenue diversification

The business case in continental France

  • Frequency Containment Reserve revenues
  • Capacity market
  • Expected shift towards arbitrage revenues

The business case in Great Britain

  • Capacity market
  • Arbitrage on the BM
  • Wholesale market revenues