Clean Horizon's training services - Multi-session Program

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Clean Horizon Consulting organise 4 sessions de formation sur le stockage de l'énergie



This comprehensive energy storage training program is designed to equip participants with a thorough understanding of energy storage technologies, their applications, maintenance requirements, and safety standards. 

Sessions can be conducted in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese. 

A minimum of 25 participants per company is required. 

What’s included?

  • Four 4-hour live webinars per session
  • Q&A
  • Training slides

Who should attend?

Any stakeholder interested in understanding the energy storage markets and the different technologies available.




Upon purchase, a Clean Horizon team member will contact you to agree on the most suitable date to conduct the training sessions


Session #1: Introduction to Energy Storage

  • Overview of energy storage technologies and their applications
  • Analysis of energy storage market leaders and stakeholders
  • Examination of key cost drivers and competitive solutions
  • Exploration of main applications including renewable energy integration and voltage control
  • Discussion on grid-forming applications and control logic in power inverters

Session #2: Focus on Lithium-ion Battery Storage Systems

  • Cost breakdown, architecture, and chemistries of Li-ion battery systems
  • Comparison of NMC vs LFP chemistries and their implications
  • Understanding key characteristics and degradation factors
  • Strategies for mitigating capacity degradation and practical examples
  • Calculation methodologies for useful capacity mitigation

Session #3: Key Characteristics and Maintenance

  • Understanding battery system characteristics such as voltage, temperature, and C-rate
  • Exploring topological configurations for connecting transformers
  • Guidelines for operation, maintenance, and decommissioning
  • Control strategies for different services within a system
  • Recommendations for preventive and corrective maintenance, commissioning, and end-of-life management

Session #4: BESS Safety Standards and Practices

  • Overview of applicable safety standards and regulations
  • Fire prevention measures and the role of Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • System architecture and grounding considerations
  • Firefighting procedures, detection systems, and automatic extinction methods
  • Training on handling alarms and the role of firefighters in BESS safety