Market entry report CRE ZNI (ENG) 2016

1500 €

Find all the relevant information and Clean Horizon’s exclusive strategic advice based on CRE-STORE simulations to best size the storage component of the latest 50 MWp PV+storage tender issued in December 2016 for the French islands!





1.   RFP presentation

1.1. Rules regarding the storage system

1.2. Forecast generation plans

1.3. Penalties and their influence on the overall strategy

1.4. Voltage regulation

2.   Optimal storage sizing for Li-ion batteries

1.1. Overview of the strategies

1.2. Finding the optimal strategy through simulations

1.3. Justifying the strategies with an analytical study

3.   Other considerations regarding the strategy

3.1. The different battery replacement strategies

3.2. Optimal strategies with other battery technologies

4.   Recommendations

5.   Appendices

5.1. Data on the previous RFPs

5.2. Analytical comparisons of different strategies