Update From The Field April 2017: the South Australian resiliency issue: an insight on the future of power grids

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Executive Summary (2)

Table of figures (4)

New regulations and initiatives discussed this month (5)

Americas (5)

Incentives for residential storage have difficulties for approval by the Hawaii state senate (5)

The state of Massachusetts opens a R&D program dedicated to energy storage projects (5)

In Brazil, the national regulator selected 23 R&D projects focusing on the development of energy storage (6)

Europe (8)

The French TSO introduces a plan to build, own and operate batteries to avoid grid congestions (8)

The French regulator disagrees with the subsidy the government wants to offer to residential consumers willing to self-consume their PV generation (9)

The British “embedded benefits” are being reviewed to ensure fair competition between large-scale generation units and distributed generation (9)

The German states are active in financing storage projects and technologies (11)

Asia / Oceania (12)

Australia becomes the new hotspot for energy storage (12)

Projects updates and announcements (12)

Overview of the 2017 market for utility-scale projects: Australia and Germany will host large amounts of additional storage capacity according to this month’s announcements (12)

Projects commissioned this month (13)

Projects announced this month (14)

Focus of the month - the South Australian resiliency issue: an insight on the future of power grids (16)

The South Australian electric power system and recently faced issues (17)

An increasing reliance on wind generation (17)

A small grid highly depending on the neighboring state of Victoria (18)

Timeline of events that led to the procurement of 100 MW of storage in South Australia (19)

Overview of the chain of events (19)

Detailed timeline (20)

The role of storage in the resolution plan unveiled by the state of South Australia, and comparison with other geographies (23)




Figure 1: List of projects proposed to the Brazilian RFP for R&D on storage and decision of the ANEEL (7)

Figure 2: Planned operation of RTE’s battery installation to deal with grid congestions (8)

Figure 3: Possible localization of small embedded generators in Great Britain (10)

Figure 4: Evolution of the available embedded benefits depending on the geography and connection (front of the meter or behind the meter) (11)

Figure 5: Overview of the storage volume commissioned and announced for 2017 to date (13)

Figure 6: Evolution of prices on the European primary reserve common auction since the beginning of 2017 (16)

Figure 7: Evolution of the installed capacity of the different power sources in South Australia (17)

Figure 8: Map of the South Australian transmission grid (18)

Figure 9: Overview of the chain of events that impacted the South Australian electrical system over the past two years (19)