Update From The Field April 2018: Great Britain updates and trends in the stationary storage industry

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Make the most of our monthly analysis concerning key data and trends in the energy storage industry worldwide.


Table of Contents

Executive Summary (2)

Table of figures (5)

New regulations and initiatives discussed this month (6)

Americas (6)

Europe (7)

Projects updates and announcements (9)

Overview of the 2018 market for utility-scale energy storage projects (9)

Projects announced or contracted this month (10)

Americas (7)

Australia & Oceania (7)

Projects commissioned this month (11)

Americas (11)

Europe (11)

Australia & Oceania (11)

Projects tendered this month (12)

Focus of the month: Great Britain and trends in the stationary storage industry (13)

In Great Britain, National Grid provides more visibility in frequency response tenders (13)

Recent trends in the FFR auction (13)

Firm Frequency Response auction results become more transparent (14)

Firm Frequency Response simplification process (from tender round closing to 1st May 2018)  (16)

National Grid published a consultation on the next frequency response product (18)

Conclusions and what’s next for Great Britain (20)

Movements in the electricity storage value chain (20)

Manufacturers: South Korean companies confirm their lead (20)

Standardization products options for battery manufacturers (22)

Energy storage system integrators: a position where track record is scarce (23)

Aggregators’ role is becoming increasingly crucial for project monetization (25)

As markets become more transparent and liquid, aggregators role gets more complex (26)

Table of figures

Figure 1: Required FFR response for September 2018 procurement in Ireland (7)

Figure 2. Utility-scale energy storage projects announced/contracted and commissioned in 2017 and 2018 (ongoing)  (9)

Figure 3: Number of FFR tenders received by National Grid in 2017 (13)

Figure 4: Accepted dynamic FFR prices from 2015 to end 2017 (source: Smartest Energy) (14)

Figure 5: FFR contracts value in Great Britain in March 2018, battery sizes and contracts duration (15)

Figure 6: Companies awarded FFR contracts in Great Britain in March 2018 (16)

Figure 7: FFR standardization, procurement and contracts duration (Source: National Grid) (17)

Figure 8: FFR monthly requirement from April 2018 to September 2020 (source: FFR market information May 2018, National Grid) (18)

Figure 9: Characteristics of the next fast frequency response products in Great Britain (source: National Grid) (19)

Figure 10: Characteristics of frequency response products in Great Britain (20)

Figure 11: Energy storage manufacturers for projects commissioned in 2017 and 2018 so far (in % of MW commissioned) (21)

Figure 12: Standardized products offered by Samsung, Tesla and LG Chem (22)

Figure 13: Average storage project sizes by commissioning year (23)

Figure 14: Energy storage system integrators ranked by commissioned and installed capacity (24)