Update From The Field April 2019: European Aggregators and energy storage monetization

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Make the most of our monthly analysis concerning key data and trends in the energy storage industry worldwide.


Table of contents

Executive Summary (2)

Table of figures (4)

New regulations and initiatives discussed this month (5)

Americas (5)

United States (5)

Asia (5)

Philippines (6)

Oceania (5)

Australia (5)

Projects updates and announcements (6)

Overview of the 2019 market for utility-scale energy storage projects (6)

Projects announced or contracted this month (7)

Projects commissioned this month (9)

Tenders this month (10)

Focus of the month: European Aggregators and energy storage monetization (12)

Aggregators are crucial intermediates to monetize storage systems (12)

Market access (12)

Aggregator portfolio benefits (13)

Storage aggregation and market movements across Europe (16)

Market movements implicating European energy storage aggregators (17)


Table of Figures

Figure 1: Utility-scale energy storage projects announced/contracted and commissioned in 2018 and 2019 (ongoing)  (6)

Figure 2. Illustrative explanation of the Pivot Power/redT project  (7)

Figure 3: Aggregators can monetize flexibility throughout the electricity supply chain  (12)

Figure 4: Aggregation of residential batteries to provide a service equivalent to a 1MW battery (13)

Figure 5: European frequency distribution around nominal value  (14)

Figure 6: Static aggregation to leverage battery use within a portfolio to provide FCR  (14)

Figure 7: Providing Symmetric 100 product instead of Symmetric 200 can increase battery revenues by 33% (15)

Figure 8: IRR of a battery providing FCR in Europe depending on static aggregation (15)

Figure 9: Dynamic aggregation of a battery with a slow demand response (16)

Figure 10. Aggregated storage capacity per European aggregator in MW (17)

Figure 11. Recent market transactions involving energy storage aggregators (18)

Figure 12: European aggregators operating energy storage systems in April 2018 (19)